Ministry of law justice and human rights jobs 2015

Ministry of law justice and human rights jobs 2015. The Ministry of Justice (وزارت انصاف‎) abbreviated as MoJ) is a Cabinet-level ministry of Pakistan, responsible and for the enforcement of law and administration of justice. The ministry’s political executive figure is known as the Minister for Law, Justice and Human Rights, who must be an elected legislator and Parliamentarian. The Minister for Justice is associated with enforcing laws and administration of government judicial departments, and is a public face of the government in legal services required by the state. The ministry is also represented by the Attorney General as the chief law enforcement officer of the federal government, representing it in civilian Supreme Court cases, and assisting the Minister for Justice and the government in legal cases. Both the Minister for Justice and Attorney General are nominated by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and are members of the Cabinet. As of November 2012, the Minister for Justice is Parliamentarian Syed Mumtaz Alam Gillani and the Attorney General is Justice Anwar-ul-Haq. ministry of law justice and human rights jobs 2015. More updates Visit Pakskills

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Vacancies in Ministry of Law, Justice & Human Rights

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